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William Haywood and Ellen Perry

William Haywood was born around 1782 in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England, and baptised at St Peter's Church on 12 Feb 1783. He was the son of William Haywood and Mary Wenlock.

On 23 December 1802 William married Ann Ward at St Peter's Church. The couple had a daughter, Ann Wenlock Haywood, in late 1803, but shortly after the birth of baby Ann, mother Ann died. Left with a small baby to care for, William remarried quickly.

Ellen Perry was born in the parish of Wheaton Aston in Staffordshire in 1782, the daughter of William Perry and Mary Wincer. By 1804 she was living in the village of Wombourne, just outside Wolverhampton.

On 8 July 1804, William Haywood married Ellen Perry at Wombourne. The couple settled in Wolverhampton where William worked as a currier. They had several children in Wolverhampton:

William Perry Haywood 1805-1822
Samuel Haywood 1808-1873
Elizabeth Haywood 1809-??
Thomas Haywood 1811-??
Charles Haywood 1813-??
Harriet Haywood 1815-1818

Sometime after during Harriet's life the family moved to Birmingham, Warwickshire. Harriet was buried at St Mary's Church on Whittall Street in Birmingham, along with her brother William.

The couple had one further child in Birmingham:

Ellen Haywood 1822-1908

In 1828, at only 47 years old, William Haywood died, and was buried with his children at St Mary's Church. Ellen outlived him by nearly 40 years. According to census information she spent at least some of this time living with various children - she was with Ellen and her family in 1851, and with Samuel in 1861. By the time of her death in 1864, Ellen was again living with her daughter Ellen, in Aston, a suburb of Birmingham.

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