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Henry Pugh 1775-1862 and Gwenllian Griffiths 1775-1836

Henry Pugh was born into a family of farmers in Llanbedr Painscastle in Radnorshire, Wales in May of 1775, and baptised at the local church on 26 May 1775.

He was only twenty when he married Gwenllian Griffiths in early May 1796. She was born in Llandilo Graban, the neighbouring parish to Llanbedr, in late 1775.

The couple were married for forty years, and spent that time farming in the parish of Llandilo Graban. They had a total of fifteen children together:

Henry Pugh  1797-1865
William Pugh 1798-1829
John Pugh 1799-1855
Thomas Pugh 1802-??
James Pugh 1803-1853
Mary Pugh 1804-??
David Pugh 1806-1877
Samuel Pugh 1809-1886
Ann Pugh 1810-??
Gwenny Pugh 1811-1829
Benjamin Pugh 1813-1813
Catherine Pugh 1815-??
Benjamin Pugh 1816-1818
Margaret Pugh 1818-??
Benjamin Pugh 1822-1822

Gwenllian died in August 1836, at the age of 61. She was buried with her infant children in St Teilo's Churchyard, Llandilo Graban. Henry survived her by over 25 years, before he eventually died at 87 years old at Penwern Farm, Llandilo Graban.

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