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Josiah Pugh and Sarah Price 1781-1852

Josiah Pugh was born in the parish of St Harmon in Radnorshire, Wales, in 1781, the third son of Hugh Pugh and Elizabeth Richards. Hugh was a farmer and both he and Josiah spent their entire lives living in the St Harmon area.

In 1805 Josiah married Sarah Price, who was born in St Harmon in 1784. At this time Josiah was working as a blacksmith in the neighbouring parish of Llananno.

By this time the Pugh family had converted to the Baptist Church and I think this is the last time that Josiah crops up in parish registers - makes it difficult to track people in this pre-census/registration era. The records of Baptist chapels haven't been preserved in the same way. Much of my information from here is based on the work of Ted Edwards, a distant cousin who visited farms in the St Harmon area immediately after the second world war, recording information from family Bibles to pull together a family tree of Hugh Pugh's descendants. His work is the basis of a number of family trees on Rootsweb, and is also the basis of much of this post. I've supplemented Ted's work with census, registration and burial records where appropriate.

Josiah and Sarah had 16 children:

Pryce Pugh 1806-1843
Sarah Pugh 1807-1877
Josiah Pugh 1809-1855
Thomas Pugh 1810-1851
Hugh Pugh 1812-1885
Stephen Pugh 1813-1872
Edward Pugh 1815-1855
Mary Pugh 1815-1896
Elizabeth Pugh 1817-1836
Miriam Pugh 1819-1905
Ann Pugh 1821-1892
David Pugh 1821-1887
James Pugh 1823-1901
John Pugh 1826-1893
William Pugh 1829-1852
Jonathan Pugh 1831-1909

By the time of the 1841 census, Josiah was farming at Cnych farm with several of his younger children. In 1851 they were still there, still farming, and now with some grandchildren along with the younger children.

Josiah died on 28 February 1852 at Cnych. Sarah survived him for just 4 days.

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