Friday, 16 September 2011

Sarah Bateman 1795-??

In 1819 Sarah Bateman gave birth to her second illegitimate daughter, Harriet, my great-great-great-grandmother.

Way back when I was new at this genealogy thing, I'm almost certain I saw a reference on a website somewhere to a pregnant Miss Bateman being allowed to settle in the Derbyshire village of Winster in the 1790s - I suspect this is Sarah's mother, as Sarah was born around 1795 in Winster. I didn't know enough at the time to get a screengrab or save the webpage or even make a note, and I've been unable to find it again. I've also not yet found a baptism which would back this up (or not).

Whatever the circumstances of her birth, Sarah lived in a small corner of Derbyshire for all of her life. Her first daughter, Mary Ann, was born in Youlgreave in 1817. Harriet was born in 1819 but I'm not sure where - Harriet consistently reported her birthplace as Darley Dale, but she's not in the baptism register for that parish.

On 30 August 1824, Sarah married Samuel Milner in Youlgreave. Samuel, a widower who was 10 years older than Sarah, lived in the village of Darley Dale. Sarah moved to live with Samuel and they had six children together:

Richard Milner 1825-??
Samuel Milner 1827-??
Henry Milner 1830-??
George Edward Milner 1833-1919
Sarah Milner 1835-??
Elizabeth Milner 1838-??

By 1851 Sarah and Samuel were looking after Harriet's daughter Mary Ann, who later took Samuel's name. Samuel died in 1855. I haven't yet found when Sarah died, but I can't find her on the 1861 census.

If anyone knows anything about the Bateman ladies, I'd be grateful for any information.

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