Friday, 6 May 2011

Harriet Bateman 1819-1886

Harriet Bateman was born around 1819 in the village of Darley Dale, Derbyshire, England. She was the illegitimate daughter of Sarah Bateman.

In her 20s, Harriet worked as a servant at Butts, Darley Dale, and while here she gave birth to two children. Both were baptised at St Helen's Church, Darley Dale, and no father is listed for either of them:

Mary Ann Bateman 1843-1928
John Bateman 1845-1917

On 1 May 1848, Harriet married John Solomon Gregory at St Helen's Church, Darley Dale. The couple lived the rest of their lives in Darley and had four children together:

Henry Gregory 1850-1902
Efsheby Gregory 1853-1939
Sarah Gregory 1857-??
Alfred Gregory 1859-1886

Census records show that John worked as a labourer until his old age.

Harriet died in the spring of 1886.

Further research needed: I need to order Harriet's death certificate, and also look for a baptism record. As an illegitimate child, it's likely that there was some investigation into the circumstances of her birth under Poor Law rules - I need to look to see if these records have survived.

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