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Christopher Thomas Pugh and Mary Ann Bateman

Christopher Thomas Pugh married Mary Ann Bateman on 6 December 1863 at St George's Church, Camberwell, Surrey. Mary Ann had a baby daughter, also called Mary Ann, born 21 September 1863. There is no record to say whether or not Christopher was her father.

After the couple married they moved to Christopher's birthplace, Birmingham, where they were found on the 1871 census. They had no children together until 1876 when their daughter Charlotte was born, followed by Christopher in 1879 and Jessie in 1882.

In 1884 Christopher Thomas Pugh emigrated to the USA, apparently settling in Chicago. There is a family legend that he worked with Buffalo Bill's Circus, but I've found no evidence of this - possibly it was a positive spin put on a father/grandfather who left his wife and young children behind. I can't find him on census records in the US until 1910, when he was enumerated in hospital at Norwood Park, Chicago, and listed as widowed.

Meanwhile, Mary Ann stayed in England and raised the three younger children (the first daughter married in 1882 and emigrated to America in 1887), working as an office cleaner, and living in rooms above the offices she cleaned.

Christopher died in Chicago on 16 May 1914. Mary Ann died in Birmingham on 3 November 1928.

Their children were:
Mary Ann Pugh (born as Mary Ann Milner) b 21 Sep 1863, d 26 Dec 1939.  Known as Polly to the family.
Charlotte Pugh b 1876 d 1957
Christopher Thomas Pugh b 22 May 1879 d 29 Sep 1928
Jessie Hephzibah Pugh b 3 Oct 1882 d 16 Sep 1944

Information still missing:
I haven't yet found Christopher on the 1900 census in the US. I have assumed that 1890 is a lost cause.

I haven't yet found any record of Christopher's immigration to the US - the date of immigration I have is taken from the 1910 census.

I'm also still looking for Mary Ann in 1911 in the UK, but Mary Ann Pugh is a surprisingly common name.

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