Monday, 3 January 2011

Bio of Margaret Ann Lamb 1905 - 1982

My grandmother Peggy Lamb was born on 11 April 1905, Bloemfontein, Orange River Colony, South Africa, the only child of railway fitter Alexander Lamb and his wife Martha Ann Pattison.

Her father died on 24 September 1907, following a long illness.  Following this, Peggy and her mother travelled to England in November 1907, landing at Southampton.  They lived in South Shields for a few years before moving to Seaton Delaval in Northumberland after Martha's marriage to Henry Clark.

Peggy attended Ripon Training College, and qualified to teach in 1925.  She taught in the Seaton Delaval area from 1925 to 1930.  While at college she was introduced to a friend's cousin, Bill Hudson.

Peggy and Bill were married on 19 March 1930 in the parish church of St Mary the Virgin,  Longframlington.  They left for Hong Kong on 19 September 1930, sailing from London.  The voyage took about a month.

According to her passport, Margaret returned to England in March 1935.  Her son Peter was born in October 1935 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland.

She returned to Hong Kong in March 1936, along with her son Peter and her mother Martha, who stayed until the end of 1937.

She then left Hong Kong, as an evacuee, on 5 July 1940, initially sailing to Manilla, but eventually reaching Australia, settling in Melbourne for the duration of the War.  The evacuation was necessary because of the threat to Hong Kong posed by Japan.

Peggy and Peter returned to England in 1945, landing at Liverpool on 11 June 1945.

She worked as a teacher in the Blyth area from 1945 onwards to her retirement.  She died on 6 September 1982 at the Victoria Jubilee Infirmary, North Shields.

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