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Robert Hunter Hudson 1853 - 1925 & Margaret Mossom 1868 - 1931

Robert Hunter Hudson was born on 19 April 1853, the son of George Hudson and Catherine Kerss, and my great-grandfather.  He was born in Middleton, Stranton, later to become part of West Hartlepool (Co Durham, England) and at the time of his birth a growing ship-building community.  Robert became a joiner (carpenter) working for all his life in the shipyards.

On 14 June 1888 the 35 year old Robert married 19 year old Margaret Mossom at Hartlepool Register Office.  Margaret was born on Christmas Eve, 1868, the daughter of Wilson Mossom and Margaret Horsley, in East (or old) Hartlepool.

They had 10 children together:
George Hudson, 1888 - 1965
Robert Hudson 1890 - 1969
Richard Wilson Hudson 1892 - 1970
John William Hudson 1895 - 1966
Catherine Hudson 1898 - 1958
Thomas Hudson 1900 - 1967
Annie Hudson 1903 - 1907
Ralph Hudson 1905 - 1935
Harry Hudson 1907 - ???
James Hudson 1910 - 1978

Many of the boys worked in the shipyards, before leaving Hartlepool for various corners of the Empire - Dick and Bill to Hong Kong, Tom and Ralph to Canada, Jim to East Africa.  Harry was adopted out of the family and spent much time in mainland Europe, finally (as far as I know) settling in Italy.

Robert and Margaret stayed in West Hartlepool until Robert's death on 21 January 1925.  Later Margaret moved to Darlington, where she died on 14 February 1931.

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