Saturday, 21 May 2011

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - it's Wordle Time!

Randy Seaver has set a new challenge this week  -

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to:

1)  Go to the Wordle site - and create your own unique Wordle  - it's a word cloud.  You can use either a clump of text, enter your own words (say, surnames, or given names), use a blog page address, or something else.  Your choice!  Be creative with the fonts, colors, backgrounds, and layout.  

2)  Save it as an image (I used Print Screen, pasted it to a Word document, used the Windows snipping tool to edit it, and saved it to a file).  Tell us how you did it.

3)  Show us your handiwork!  Add the image to a blog post of your own or on a web page of your own.  Tell me in a comment here where it is.

Well, here's mine. I used the Wordle facility to enter the URL of my blog and it produced the following image, after I'd played around with fonts and colour schemes.

I saved the image by taking a screen shot and pasting it into Paint. I then cut out the image, and pasted it into a new file which I saved as a jpeg.

It looks like the Wordle search picks up on the latest posts - I don't think I've written about very many Davids but the last posting was about David and Mary Pugh and those words are prominent in the Wordle.

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  1. I hadn't used Wordle before but used the same technique (paste into paint and save as a JPG) as you. Great fun! Jo :-)