Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Modern and historical maps of County Durham

I love finding old family addresses on maps - trying to get a feel for the location when an event happened, as well as looking at the location now, to see if it's likely that any buildings from then still survive. It can be difficult to determine exactly where an old address was on a modern map, when old settlements may have completely disappeared, street patterns changed etc.

This website allows the comparison of old maps from a variety of dates (starting 1855) with a very detailed modern map. If you do any research in County Durham, England, then this is a site you need to know about.

Durham County Council 2341 - - Internet GIS

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  1. Many thanks for this, I must give it a try as my husband's family (Donaldson) came from South Shields and I have been researching their background - do have a look at my blog to see some Donaldson postings - they were mariners.