Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Dick and Dora Hudson

Dick at the wash tub, he took it in the garden that you could see him better, helping Dora.

I think that the photo was taken in Australia where Dick and Dora settled after World War Two. The caption is on the back of the photo which was mailed to Dick's brother Bill Hudson back in England. Dick was Richard Wilson Hudson, his wife was originally Dora Ethel Wood.


  1. Greetings distant relative from Richard Wilson Hudson's grandson, Scott.
    What an unexpected find, although the location has me puzzled.
    I've sent this link to a cousin in case his father (RWH's surviving son) can shed any light.

    1. Hi Scott - the location has had me puzzled for ages too. I thought Australia initially but looking at it again I'm wondering if that's not Dora, but my great-grandmother Martha which would mean the picture was 1939 and taken at her house in Northumberland, England. I have another picture of Dick and family visiting Martha in 1939 - not sure if it's Martha or Dora in that picture either. I'd welcome any clarification you can provide.

      Always nice to find another cousin - I'm Bill Hudson's granddaughter Rebecca.

  2. Hi Rebecca - I'm Scott's cousin Grant. Scott has pointed me to this blog - Great work!! I've spoken to my father by phone (Dick's younger son) and his best guess is 1939 in England when visiting from Hong Kong. I've created PDF versions of the Hudson family line documents and then printed them. They are going snail-mail to my father who doesn't want to be computer literate. I'll let you both know when I get a reply from him.

  3. Hi Rebecca (& Scott). My father (Geoff Hudson) believes the photo was taken in 1934 when the family of 4 visited Sydney for their 6 months leave. He thinks the woman is Dora's eldest sister Gladys who was living (with her husband) on a chicken farm in St Marys, Sydney, Australia. The writing on the back was definitely by Dora.

  4. Hi Grant, Thanks for the information. I've got a few more pictures of Dick and family if you're interested - email me on rahudson[dot]sunderland[at]gmail[dot]com and I can send them to you. I've also got a more info on the Hudson family going back to 18th century.