Friday, 22 July 2011

George Gerrard and Janet Fyffe

Just a short one this week, as I don't know much about this couple.

George Gerrard married Jannet Fyffe at Barry Church, Barry, in the county of Forfar (now Angus), Scotland on 28 August 1796. George was a miller, working at Barry Mill. The couple settled in Barry, and had seven children there.

Margaret  1797-??
William 1799-??
David 1801-??
James 1803-1863
Mary 1806-??
George 1808-??
Janet 1815-??

George died in November 1837, having retired from working in the mill. Janet died a few months later, in March 1838. Both were buried at Barry Church.

I haven't yet managed to identify the baptisms of George or Janet, and neither burial gives an age at death to help narrow down the year of birth to make this task easier, so for the time being this is the end of the line for the Gerrards.

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