Friday, 29 July 2011

Thomas Pattison and Elizabeth Burrell

Thomas Pattison was born in 1756 in at Penny Fine in Lamesley parish, Co Durham, England. He was baptised at St Andrew's Church, Lamesley on 17 October 1756.

On 20 December 1788 Thomas married Elizabeth Burrell at St Andrew's Church.

Thomas and Elizabeth had several children:

Hannah Pattison b1790
John Pattison b1791
Thomas Pattison 1793-1793
Thomas Pattison 1795-1866
Sarah Pattison 1796-1796
(possibly) William Pattison 1798-1798

Thomas and Elizabeth lived initially at Penny Fine, and later at Cow Close, both in the parish of Lamesley. Both areas on old maps appear to be agricultural, so it's possible that Thomas worked in farming, but I've found no reference to any occupation.

So far, I've found no reference to any further children, or to the deaths of Thomas or Elizabeth. I've also not yet found any record of the birth of Elizabeth.

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