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Thomas Hood 1763-1832 and Mary Robson 1768-1849

Thomas Hood was born in Hartlepool, Co Durham, England in 1763, and was baptised at St Hilda's Church on 11 December 1763. He was the son of Joseph Hood and Dinah Watt. It's likely that Joseph was a fisherman, and his son followed him into the trade.

On Christmas Day 1785 he married twenty year old Mary Harrison at St Hilda's Church. Thomas and Mary had two sons together:

Joseph born 5 May 1786, who died in February 1789.
Thomas Hood born 28 September 1787 (died December 1822)

Mary died in early October 1787, most likely as a consequence of childbirth.

Thomas remarried on 27 December 1788. His second wife was Mary Robson, the daughter of John Robson, a shoemaker, and Jane Coulson. Mary was born in 1768, in Hartlepool, and was baptised at St Hilda's Church on 21 February 1768.

Thomas and Mary had 9 children together:

Dinah, born 3 August 1790
Mary, born 21 September 1792, died April 1816
Joseph, born 14 March 1795, died April 1876
Benjamin, born 9 September 1797
John, born 4 February 1800, died 1 October 1803
Dorothy, born 5 November 1802, died June 1876
Elizabeth, born 31 May 1805, died August 1873
Margaret, born 21 April 1808, died 12 August 1873
Jacob, born 18 February 1812

Thomas died in August 1832, a victim of one of the cholera epidemics which hit England in the mid 19th century. He was 69 years old.

Mary survived that cholera outbreak, and continued to live in Hartlepool. In 1841 she was living with her youngest son Jacob (also a fisherman) on the High Street in Hartlepool. She died on 8 October 1849, like her husband the victim of cholera.

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