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George Horsley 1797-1868

George Horsley was born on 8 December 1797, the son of George Horsley and Margaret Herring. George was the second of ten children born to George and Margaret in Hartlepool, Co Durham, England.
At this time Hartlepool was still a small fishing village, and both the Horsleys and the Herrings had lived there for many generations.

On 5 November 1820, George married Sarah Watt at St Hilda's Church in Hartlepool. Sarah was born on 1 September 1798, in Hartlepool, the daughter of Thomas Watt and Mary Proud. By this time, George had become a fisherman, following his father's trade. The couple had three children together:

Sarah 1822-1881
George Jan 1823 - Feb 1823
Mary 1824-1835

Sarah Watt died in December 1826, leaving George to bring up his two small daughters.

He remarried on 15 November 1829, again at St Hilda's Church. Margaret Hood was born into an old Hartlepool family on 21 April 1808. George and Margaret had nine children together:

George 1830-??
Margaret 1832-1887
Thomas 1834-??
Mary 1837-?? (before 1841
Elizabeth 1838-1841
John 1840-1841
Mary 1842-1846
Elizabeth 1845-??
Mary 1847-1880

George was recorded on the censuses in 1841, 1851 and 1861 living at Wells Garth, Wells Yard and Wells Passage respectively. It's highly probably that this was the same place, a jumble of houses around a small yard running between the Town Wall and Southgate. See this site for pictures.

George died at Wells Yard on 6 July 1868. His wife Margaret survived him for a few years, dying on 12 August 1873, also at Wells Yard.

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