Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Review of February goals - and some goals for March

There's no point in setting goals if you don't see how you did, and at least hold yourself responsible, so here goes:

Review of February

My original February goals are set out here.

Blog postings: I aimed for 12, apart from the "on this day" posts and got there - 45 in total for February so 17 written. I also added a blog page as intended, listing the ahnentafel for my grandfather Bill Hudson.

Research: I aimed for 2 full-fledged research plans. These were both written, but only one was published. The other one succeeded so quickly that I didn't get to blog it, and instead blogged the results. I also aimed for 1 research trip, and managed 2 - I had a long weekend off work and made it to Northumberland Archives and Durham Record Office.

Indexing: I aimed to index 300 names on Family Search. Thanks to Super Indexing Sunday, I made a total of 479.

Organisation: I stopped counting the files I renamed, but I think overall I met my target. I also had a partial change of heart about the source citations - there have been a few blog postings discussing source citations, and on reflection I think that my citations aren't that bad - they may not be perfect but they do the job. So I don't think I hit this target, but I've still tidied up a few. I did scan a lot of photographs, helped by the discovery that my new scanner can scan several images at once!

Overall, I made some progress in February, and it feels like I haven't done that for some time.

Goals for March
More of the same I think...

Research plans 
  • write at least 2 research plans, one on John Heighington
  • follow up on the Frances Hunter research plan
  • write at least 12 blog postings, aside from "On This Day" posts
  • add blog page for Margaret Lamb's ancestors
  • index 350 names
  • focus on tagging files with ID numbers - try to get through 500 this month
  • continue scanning my grandmother's photographs.

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  1. Sounds like you have been really busy and organised Rebecca. I have only recently discovered your blog - hope you don't mind I have borrowed your "On this day" theme - started this week.

    You Don't Choose Your Family